Hydrocarbon Detection

Through our recent collaboration with AerialOGI, Chem-Air has redefined the capabilities of turbine-powered Bell 206B helicopters for extensive missions, integrating state-of-the-art technology into our operations. Lidar, optical gas imaging (OGI), TDLAS methane lasers, Phase-One 100MP cameras, and hydrocarbon sniffers synergize seamlessly to identify, quantify, visualize, and map pipeline corridors and other vital oil and gas infrastructure. Remarkably, these tasks can now be achieved in a single pass, showcasing the efficiency of our partnership. 

Our innovative approach extends beyond traditional methods, with the integration of a point cloud alongside hydrocarbon detection proving invaluable in addressing potential subsidence issues that may pose risks of pipeline leaks. Additionally, our advanced reporting software is designed to relay detected leaks as actionable insights directly into your Leak Detection and Repair Software (LDAR) system, streamlining the mitigation process.

With Chem-Air and AerialOGI at the forefront, excellence is not just an expectation but a standard upheld in every mission we embark upon.